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Sustainable materials in Design

Sustainable by nature, Whisper is born to protect the environment. Our Design team is dedicated to always select sustainable materials without compromising on quality.


Teak deck, flooring

As standard, we instal a synthetic teak floor, which is a first-generation PVC 100% recyclable without phthalates in accordance with REACH standards. The company has also a recycling circuit for scraps within other industries.

We made this choice as real teak is becoming increasingly rare because this noble wood grows very slowly and teak forests are more and more protected to prohibit their exploitation. Synthetic teak is an alternative to protect these forests. 

In addition, once installed, synthetic teak has no impact on the environment (can be cleaned with ecological products) whereas wood requires a very polluting maintenance.

By using this synthetic teak, Whisper-Yachts supports the World Land Trust (WLT), an international charity that aims to preserve tropical forests and wildlife habitats. For every 10m² of synthetic teak laid, £5 is donated to fund the reforestation of a vital habitat through the “Plant A Tree” program.


Whisper Yachts is proposing a non-biocide antifouling film with 5 years life span instead of toxic paint.

Not only preserving the marine life, the silicone base film improves water flow, hence saving energy of the vessel.



IMO regulations states: “Studies have shown that underwater-radiated noise from ships may have both short and long-term negative consequences on marine life, especially marine mammals. …

Much, of the underwater noise is caused by propeller … and on-board machinery”


Electric propulsion provides much less vibration than thermal engines hence less noise on the sea to reduce potential impacts on marine life.

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